It beggars believe that our illustrious politicians are seeking to over turn the will of the people as it concerns Brexit.

Do we pander to the technocrats in Brussels and be forced to do an about turn. It is reminiscent of 1945 when if we had not stuck to our believe and ideals, Europe as we know it today might not even be in existence.

We have to have the FAITH that we can be mighty again that is not to gainsay that it will be easy – but every good thing comes with a price.

Our economy was in a very bad way but we stuck to our guns and together tightened our belts which got us onto the road to recovery.

Instead of clamoring for a second referendum, we will be best served instead if our statesmen and women start strategizing on how to ensure that BREXIT is a success.

The way our Prime Minister was treated by the other EU leaders should make us determined to have a clean break WITH OR WITHOUT A DEAL.

One thing is certain every disappointment always turn out to become a blessing in disguise.

So let us all be optimistic that we will survive yet again and move on to a brighter future.


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